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Capture the moment !
An unique experience to share with your guests !

One click, take a picture, print !

Your photos as you like and as many time you wish.

Capture the moment !

100% customizable (Picture, photobooth, interface), this playful system is a good way to animate your events. From a seminar to the end of the year party including press launches, we always have the solution to your needs!

The principle is simple : one plug and we set up one or many interactive photobooth on the event.

The HD pictures can be instantly printed in photo quality, posted on social network, copied on USB key and retrieved directly on a smartphone...

The result of the photos More information

What our clients say about us

Nothing is better to launch a party, thank you to the team for having the Fotoborne customized in our image.
Philippe C., Unilever
The pictures being in high quality, our clients even contacted us again to have the original photos.
Kate D., Subway
The photobooth FotoBORNE is for us a tool that creates the emulation very fast on our stand, and all along the event by its originality and its ease of use.
Marie F.,Nike
Some unforgettable memories:

For your Professional events
Company parties, wishes parties, trade fair, sale point, roadshow, product launch and press events...

  • The photobooth is a 100% customizable for the company's event

  • Everybody is having fun!

  • One smile, one photo !

Use a must have marketing tool !


An upstream personalized frame to the company's colors automatically appears in every pictures.

It allows you to communicate your addresses, an information, a promotion directly on the prints.

Expand your social network by sharing pictures on Facebook and Twitter.


Capture the moment, capture the spirit! Customize the photobooth, the pictures as well as the interface to the company's color. Effect guarantee for everyone!


Every guest pose, have fun and leave with a souvenir of your event.

Today we often take pictures of ourselves, but what do you do with your digital pictures? With our instant printing, you can be sure that your guests will preciously keep the printed photos.

Photo ideas

Client survey:

  • 98%Leave with a photo

  • 72%Leave with several photos

  • 53%Post up the photo (fridge, frame, ...)

For your Private events
wedding, private party, birthday, bar mitzvah, baptism, ...

A fun and friendly animation

The photobooth, set up inside or outside, allows your guests, standing or sitting to freely take themselves in photo.

The Fotoborne is not a photographer, but a fun animation that allows to have different and more natural pictures.

We propose different packaged offers for private events, do not hesitate on talking to us about your project, we certainly have a suitable solution to offer you.

Photos ideas

We create your custom-made photo animation where ever you want it!

A photo, is a great souvenir of your event for everyone !

In image, is event better !
Photos of events, photobooth, frame...

Come try the FotoBORNE
9 rue Marbeau - 75016 Paris

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